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Constitution & Bylaws

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Constitution & Bylaws

Constitution and Bylaws

The Mopar Alley car club was started with the purpose of providing Mopar owners and enthusiasts with the opportunity to associate with other people with like interests.

The primary goals of the club are:

  • To have fun with our hobby.
  • To promote increased interest in older Mopar cars.
  • To make owning a Mopar an enjoyable and proud experience.
  • To assist Mopar car owners in the restoration and preservation of their vehicles by providing information, literature, and parts location assistance.

These purposes, together with our goals, are in keeping with the high standards of Mopar enthusiasts. Dues paying members of the organization will enjoy significant benefits by joining forces with others who share a common interest in Mopar. Club membership will help the individual member learn more about their car and how to restore it, and provide the opertunities to participate in club shows and activities.

Clubs, however, are made up of people. It is these people, our members, who provide assistance, help promote the hobby, and participate in group activities. The success of this club depends on its members working to achieve our common goals and objectives. This places a great deal of responsibility on both the general membership and those who serve as officers.

Club Officers are responsible for the management of club activities and general organization, as well as encouraging the involvement of the members in the club activities. Being an officer requires hard work and dedication to the purposes of our Mopar club. Additionally, they are expected to provide members with information and or sources about such subjects as historical facts, technical tips, as well as sources for parts, meetings, conventions and shows.

The individual members of our Mopar club are expected to do their part to contribute their ideas, energies, and talents toward the attainment of our club goals and objectives, both short and long term. This involves attending and participating in meetings, paying dues on time so our financial picture is bright, volunteering for jobs, finishing assigned tasks on time, voting in the annual elections, and having fun; this is what a great club is all about. With the combined efforts and dedication of the individual membership and club officers, Mopar Alley will become the club that will fulfill all of these objectives.


The name of this club is Mopar Alley, a non-profit organization for Mopar enthusiasts. It is not necessary to own a Mopar to share in the comraderie and promotion of Mopars. The club are to put on one show per year (with a percentage of the net proceeds going to a local charity), produce a monthly newsletter, generate business contacts in the bay area to provide discounts to our members, and to have fun with our hobby.

Our meetings will be held on the third Saturday of each month with times and locations to be published in the newsletters. An officers meeting will be held the following Saturday, if practical. The officers will consist of president, vice-president, chairperson, treasurer, secretary(s), show director, activity director, resource officer, membership officer, and editor(s). Committees from the membership will be set up as needed for functions, activities, and shows. An office carries with it only the rights necessary for executing the duties of the office. Officers are expected to attend all meetings or contact a designated officer to act as a replacement. None of our rules will take the place of courtesy, tact, and common sense. All members are responsible for the success of this club; furthermore, this will provide the membership with reliable service, advantage and good use. No illegal drugs or activities will be allowed at club functions. There will be no burn-outs of vehicles arriving or leaving club activities. Our show insurance prohibits the service or drinking of alcoholic beverages at club shows. Members will receive a copy of the rules and by-laws, and are required to abide by them.

Motions may be made by any member of Mopar Alley during club meetings, with the exception of the president. A simple majority of fifty-one percent (51%) of the members in attendance shall be required to pass all motions except changes to the by-laws; a minimum of one third (1/3) of the membership must be present. A two thirds (2/3) majority of members in attendance shall be required for changes to the by-laws, a minimum of one third (1/3) of the membership must be present. Changes to the by-laws must be voted on at a general meeting. For officer's meetings, a quorum of two thirds (2/3) of the officers must be present to propose/pass motions, and constitute a valid meeting.


Office terms shall be for one year, with elections held in January, if one third (1/3) of the members are present.

ALL OFFICERS: Be available to fulfill the needs applicable to shows and or special events, as required.

PRESIDENT: Has the administrative and executive duties. Oversees and inspires other officers. Acts as promoter and negotiator, responsible for projections and long term goals. Presides over meetings

VICE-PRESIDENT: Takes direction from and supports the president. performs assigned tasks. Provides status feedback to the president. Presides for the president when necessary. Directs public relations and interacts with other officers. Provides the president with ideas and advice.

CHAIRPERSON: Sees that rules are observed and conducts meetings in the following order, calls the meeting to order, reads the agenda, calls for reports from officers, states motions, calls for a vote and announces the results, enforces rules of discussion, debate and maintains decorum, expedites business, calls for new business, adjourns meeting.

EDITOR(s): Responsible for getting the newsletter ready and in the mail by the established deadline, maintaining a supply of applications and flyers, see to special printing needs (shows, meets and projects).

SECRETARY(s): The recording officer and custodian of records, duties include, keeping a record of all club proceedings, keep a file on all committee reports, keep a membership roll, make minutes and records available to members, furnish committees with documents required for their duties, keep a list of committees and members, prepare agenda prior to meetings, record meetings, maintain record of minutes, by-laws, rules, amendments, and bring to meetings, and conduct general correspondence. Minutes are to record what was done, not what was said at meetings and should contain: name of club, type of meeting, date, time, location, and officers present. Each subject should have a seperate paragraph and contain all motions including ones to be brought up again. Copies of each meetings minutes will be sent to all officers.

TREASURER: Is the custodian of funds (must be bonded). Required to make a full financial report semi-anually and give a verbal report at monthly officers meetings. A seperate report will be required for shows, reports on number of new members, keeps an up-to-date list of supplies, (tee shirts, dash plaques, trophies, food stuffs, etc), which will be supplied by the custodian of these materials, disperses funds for club related expenses.

SHOW DIRECTOR: Co-ordinates club activities related to shows and swap meets, contacts magazines, car dealers, and businesses with material relevant to the clubs car show, co-ordinates show dates and information with other Mopar clubs, provides officers meetings with ideas and suggestions relative to present and futer car shows and swap meets, works with president and vice-president to co-ordinate the different committees needed to organize the shows and swap meets.

ACTIVITY DIRECTOR: Provides officers meetings with ideas and suggestions, relative to present and future activities, provides liason between the club and political and environmental authorities regarding matters that are reated to or impact car restoration or parts availability.

RESOURCE DIRECTOR: Generates and keeps current a computer data base of aquired information related to discounts, workmanship, automotive needs, contacts, etc. gathered from the membership or other sources, which will be available to the members on request, contacts and co-ordinates discounts and promotions with businesses for member use, provide businesses with information about club membership relating to qualifying for discounts.

MEMBERSHIP OFFICER: Keeps an up-to-date roster of all active members, and provides this list to all officers, works in conjunction with the treasurer and editor of the newsletter in compiling and dating the active member lists, responsible for generating ideas and methods, and establishing goals that will increase the membership telephone list for the use of the editor(s).

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